Friday, July 3, 2020

Jason Andrews: Friday Night

Courtesy of Jason Andrews Music
     Ok ya'll what is up with Iowa?? They have some massive talent coming out of  the country music scene there!   
     Jason Andrews is another Country artist from Iowa and he has a single out called "Friday Night" and let me tell ya I can relate to this song. Not only did he release an aweome song but he has that natural country voice and to me that is what makes the song and the lyrics just amazing.  I am a country girl and I was born in West Virginia and I grew up in Palestine, Wv and the bonfires, fireflies, muddin, playing in the woods and in the creeks was the best time of my childhood. 
  This song is definitely relatable in so many ways and that even includes the lyrics "listen to dad and uncle Jim tell all of the favorite stories again"(Yes I have an uncle Jim too).  As I listened to this song multiple times just so I could get a feel for the song and the artist I couldn't help but to smile because the lyrics rang true to me . When you have lyrics like "A bonfire to light up the night, all the kids running around chasing fireflies" and "Front porch sitting, a little moonshine, guitar pickin" you really can not help but to try and imagine it and for some people(like myself) remember those times. Thank you for taking me back to my childhood!  
   I feel like this song should be the country living anthem because come on let's face it living out in the boonies this is how you have a good time, make memories with friends/family and just enjoy life. I really can not wait to see how well this song ends up doing on spotify and itunes. Thank you Adam Whitehead for giving me another amazing artist to write about and thank you Jason Andrews for releasing a great song.


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