Thursday, August 20, 2020

Jessica Jones with Highway 14/32 south set to release 'Go There' on August 25th!

Courtsey Of Jessica Jones
    Okay guys, here we go!!!! This little lady has a new single coming out 'Go there' will be on all music streaming platforms at 12am on 8/25/2020. 

  This is Ms. Jones 2nd single and if you heard her first single "Mine" then you know that she can sing her little heart out and make you feel what she is feeling while making these songs. So now that we are in the final countdown for the new single 'Go There', What do you think the song will sound like? upbeat, dance, sad, moving on, country vibes ect.?? who knows but it sure is exciting playing a guessing game. 
   Some things that Jessica has already told the world is that she is passionate about her music, family and friends, Do you think 'Go There' will be about any of those? All I know is the excitement is really getting me pumped and I can not wait to hear this hit. 
    Jessica has been working on her music career for a very long time and watching her take the people that she loves and the things that she enjoys and turn them into a song is mind blowing to me. I love how she is super appreciative towards everything she had accomplished with the 'Mine' single. However I'm hoping to see 'Go There' hit the charts with a bang. I have said it before and I will say it again but Country music has not been good for awhile and then here came along Adam Whitehead, Jessica Jones, Jason Andrews & Aaron Simmons and they brought true country back with them. 

    So let's recap this one more time. Jessica Jones has a new single coming out  8/25/2020 called "Get There" and you can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music ect. If you like what you hear then go find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and make sure she knows that you love her new song #GetThere.


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