Friday, June 5, 2020

Single Mom by Adam Whitehead Ft. Dalles Jacobus

                   Single Mom

    This is a very interesting way  to start this blog but I was scrolling through TikTok(yes TikTok) because with the Pandemic there has not been any shows to write about. However I came across this gentleman named Adam Whitehead and someone had done a duet with his new single "Single Mom" Ft. Dalles Jacobus and I loved it because I mean come on Country music is in my blood. So I decided to follow Adam on TikTok so I can see more of his videos that he post. He soon followed me back and we started talking and hearing the story behind the song I decided that this is one song and country artist I HAD to write about because in a lot of ways a lot of us women can relate in one way or another.
    After listening to the song I was in tears as I was a teen mom and got very lucky(yes my high school sweetheart stayed and now we are married and have been together almost 20yrs). Even though my dad was around and traveled for work to provide for our family so my mom was raising 5 children on her own while wheelchair bound and oh boy we did not give her an easy time because we were kids and thought we knew everything. However she never gave up & I have seen her struggle and cry because she was trying her best with what she was given.   "Single Mom"  is about his mom and it was a way of saying "Thank You" for doing the best she could and for being so strong  while raising a young man on your own.

    Teen parents have a hard enough time trying to raise their child/children however single parents have to be mom and dad. I know a lot of single parents and see what they go through on a daily basis but they choose to do the best as they can and give those kids what she can. 
    This song is honestly(in my opinion) a tribute and Thank you to Adam's mother for raising a gentleman and a young lady. With lyrics like "Pinchin Every Quarter and Every Dollar everyday that goes by" and "The coulda, shoulda beens and every teenage sins" really pull at your heart strings. I'm so impressed with this song because you NEVER hear this type of country music anymore. It also shows a standup guy that realizes his mom had done the best as she could have with what she was given at that time in their lives.

       His voice rocks and his passion for his music blows my mind. He truly used his passion and voice for an amazing tribute to his mom. I really can not wait to see where he goes with this song(shhh he has another song called Outlawed that's really good too) and where he goes in his career. Honestly anyone that knows me I am not crazy about new country music but I will back this guy and his music a 110% because it is legit and true country. So if you haven't heard of his music then I URGE you to listen to it especially Single Mom and then follow him on Facebook, TikTok and other social medias that he may have and show him and his music love and support. 


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